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My name is LaRen I'm a super-talented and diverse writer/graphic designer, with years of experience writing and designing content for businesses of all shapes and sizes. My job is to make your life easier. What I'll do is researched, create engaging, and produce 100% Original Content.

Why Hire Me For Content Writing

Consistently creating impactful content that gives your business a voice, boosts SEO, and attracts more traffic to your website is tough. Hiring professional website content writer that's committed to optimizing your content saves you plenty of time and effort to focus on your business. Here is a comparison chart for you to consider.

Getting visitors on your website is hard work. You’ve got to plan a strategy, create content, and then promote the content, but even that’s not enough. According to Time Magazine, 55% of your website visitors will spend less than 15 seconds on your website.

What We Offer At Lj Production

  • Unlimited Revisions – I'm not happy until you are!

  • Proofread and checked for grammar – 0% mistakes guaranteed!

  • Concierge Service – Share your requirement, and I handle the rest!

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Our team is always here to help

  • 100% Ghostwritten – All Rights Transferred

View My Sample Work

What I love about this post:

  • Creative – Colorful, on-brand, and most importantly visually familiar, this graphic is an excellent example of how to use design as visual shorthand. Before even reading the caption or the image text, the audience knows this post is full of resources.

  • Copy – The copy is compelling and relatable. It acknowledges the opportunities, outlines their game plan for overcoming said pain point, and delivers on the initial promise of a helpful resource (implied through the graphic format) with a closing CTA.

  • Content – Timely content still needs to be useful content. Instead of making a blanket statement about “unprecedented times” without providing any value, HubSpot took the time to listen to what their audience needed, develop resources, and deliver those resources in a helpful, human-focused way.

  • Creative – Do you know what performs almost as well as images with humans in them? Pet pics! This post features both. One gold star sticker for HubSpot.

  • Copy – Because this is not just an employee spotlight but a takeover, writing the copy in first person makes it feel immediately casual and personal. This isn’t a post from a faceless brand logo; it’s from Mariel, the awesome developer with the cute cat.

  • Content – Serializing employee takeovers or any behind-the-scenes content 1) fills up those frustrating, blank days in your social media content calendar. You know the ones. And 2) positions your employees as experts in their fields, elevating them and highlighting the awesome talents of your team.

Email Marketing

An email marketing campaign is a single email or group of emails that you send to your subscribers. Email marketing campaigns can include special offers, discounts, and promotions, or useful content. The purpose of any email marketing campaign, though, is to nurture lasting relationships between your brand and your subscribers. Let me help you craft the right kind of email!


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